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Giving back

Creations prides itself on being socially responsible and giving back to others.  After our salon revamp mid-2017, we decided to become more conscious of our carbon footprint.

As well as ensuring your experience at Creations leaves you feeling excited about your new look, you can feel happy in the knowledge that your visit here has had a positive effect on our community and the environment.

Creations goes green!

Creations have partnered with Sustainable Salons

Together we’re on a journey for Zero Waste


Donate your hair to be made into wigs

After getting your new styled haircut we can donate your ponytail on to be made into wigs.


Hair Trimmings

Hair trimmings can be reused to make hair brooms which can be used to mop up oil spills.


Foils and Cardboard

Sold to scrap metal and Paper wastes, all proceeds are donated to Kiwi Harvest to supply meals.


Chemical Waste

Collected from the salon, treated, neutralized and turned back into black water that is then used for services such as Roading.



Old hairdryers, straightening irons, etc, are taken away a scrapped for e-waste.



All our plastic, such as old shampoo bottles are recycled. One of the partner companies uses the plastic to make glasses. 

Food waste

This part we do ourselves– we compost all our food scraps and ground coffee beans, Once this has composted we have our own garden out the back of the salon where we grow seedlings. Bring us your old bottles of shampoo and conditioner and we will swap you with a seedling fresh from our garden. 

As part of being a Sustainable salon, we add a $2 Green fee to all services.

Help us to help you

At Creations we love being part of the local community and we consider your family and friends to be part of our own Creations family.

If you recommend a friend to us, they will receive $20 off their first service and you will also receive $20 off your next service with us.

Fundraising support

If you are part of the local Howick community and are you looking for support with fundraising for a charity or event, or you have an idea to pitch to us that we might be able to help you with we would love to hear from you!

To discuss your fundraising ideas, email Creations or phone 536 4412.

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